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Dear friends,


What a pandemic it has been, and what a pandemic it still is!!!  We can all agree that everything got a little weird, and that weird has been going on for a long time now. The priority of XFS is to keep on keeping on so that we can be around to help to mold a new chapter - not only in the realm of folk punk but also in life!


After concerted board deliberation, this is our statement:


We’ve been in this pandemic for two-ish years. And even though it’s now getting weird again, by this point we should all know the drill. We request that at the very least we all show up to Xfest with a baseline respect for other humans. We strongly encourage anyone who can be vaccinated does so. If you cannot, or choose not to be vaccinated, please consider staying home for our mutual safety. If you choose to show up, wear a mask. Do your best to maintain appropriate social distance. Use our sanitizer.


We are asking all in attendance to be respectful of others. Those who cannot be respectful to others are not welcome and will asked to leave.


Folk and punk are long as they have a platform. Short of another government-mandated shut down, XFest will carry on and be that platform. A majority of our collective safety will be dependent on our own individual accountability. We are very lucky to even be here this year. If you have a problem with our request to be a decent human being then we don’t want to hang with you anyway.


but we’ll still love you! The 2021 Uncanny Xtreme Folk Festival – our 20th XFest! – marches ahead!

Celebrating our 20th Season!

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