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What is Xtreme Folk?

In 2000, we had an idea - an idea that folk music didn't have to be safe. It didn't have to be sterile.
XFS was formed with the intent to promote and disseminate folk music that is original, daring and extreme by bringing it to you, our XFS family, through the Xtreme Folk Festival, house concerts, and our renowned special events!
"This is not your grandfather's folk music!"
Welcome to the Xtreme Folk Scene!

                       (Memberships start at just $25)

Our events include:

     XFest 2018! - Friday & Saturday, June 8 & 9
     Our premier annual event at the sublime
     Country Creek Winery, Telford, PA


     House Concerts - Bringing you Xciting new
     artists monthly from October through April
                   (free for members!!)



     Song Shuffle - So many artists it'll make    
     your head spin (again)! You have to see it to
     believe it!



"Not your grandfather's folk music!"

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