"How do I become a Spot-A-Pot Sponsor," you ask?!  Well, you can make a leap of faith by just clicking HERE and doing it, OR... you can read further:

How many times have you run to use the spot-a-pot and said to yourself, “Hey! This port-a-potty has no identity – not even a name!! That’s it! I’m not using it! I’ll wait until I get back home!?”


Almost every time, right?

Well, your worries are over! You won’t have to run home from this year’s X-Fest! To you, we offer up our much coveted, perfumed, perfectly hospitable spot-a-pots to loving patrons who want to give them a name and a sense of self worth! 

For a tax-deductible donation of only $50, you, or a cohort of friends, or your business, can change the life of a deserving toilette-portablè by giving it a dignified name. That’s right. You read that correctly – you can name a spot-a-pot for only $50 AND get the tax deduction! You can name it “Vinny.” You can name it “Joe’s HVAC & Plumbing.” Our facilities are your vehicle for fun, excitement, and advertising.

We will feature your name on a sign outside the door of your potty! Post your business name, location and address. Post an insult to your favorite ex-spouse. Name it after yourself or your group of friends!  Memorialize a loved one! Get together and raise the self-esteem of our bank of lovely mobile lavatory facilities, and drop a few friends off at the pool!!!


But seriously, folks, you can help continue to bring original and bold Xtreme Folk artists to the community! And you are sure to make friends and be popular! And your business will explode! (Your results may vary.)